Thursday, 9 March 2017

#ExitPolls 2017: BJP set to storm Uttar Pradesh, Congress to win Punjab

The surveying in five states has arrived at an end. Also, now, It's the ideal opportunity for the Exit Polls! According to the early forecasts, BJP have the opportunity to frame government in four out of five states. Punjab is the main state where it's thrashing is as of now affirmed. 

Uttar Pradesh -404 Seats 

News X - MRC: 
BJP - 185 Seats; SP-Congress Alliance - 120 Seats; BSP - 90 Seats; Others - 8 Seats 

Though, Times Now predicts BJP would win anyplace between 190-210 Seats. 

Leave Polls say BJP gets 34 percent vote share and it well on the way to shape the Government with or without the support of Independents. Enchantment Figure required - 202 Seats. 

Punjab - 117 Seats

Akali Dal-BJP Combine ruled Punjab for three terms. This time, Either Congress or Aam Admi Party is well on the way to frame the Government. 

News24-Chanakya: Congress: 55 Seats; AAP: 55 Seats, Akali Dal-BJP: 7 Seats 

According to India Today, Congress will frame the administration in Punjab by winning 62 Seats. Enchantment Figure required is 58 Seats. 

Uttarakhand - 70 Seats

BJP is probably going to develop successful in Uttarakhand if the Exit Polls are to be accepted. 

News24-Chanakya: BJP: 53 Seats, Congress: 15 Seats; Others: 2 Seats 

C Voter: BJP: 32 Seats; Congress 32 Seats. On the off chance that this happens, Independents would choose who frames the Government. 

Manipur - 60 Seats

Congress has been controlling here for as long as 15 years. Be that as it may, BJP is going to rise successful this time. The Saffron Party didn't win a solitary seat in 2012. Enchantment Figure required 

India TV-C Voter: BJP: 25-31 Seats; Congress: 17-23 Seats; Others: 9-15 Seats. 

Goa - 40 Seats 

BJP may shape the Government here also. Enchantment Figure required here is 21. 

India Today-C Voter: BJP: 15-21 Seats; Congress: 12-18 Seats; AAP: 4 Seats

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