Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Pawan Kalyan Political Press Meet: Q&As!

On the occasion of Jana Sena Party's Third Anniversary, Pawan Kalyan interacted with media persons on Tuesday. Have a look at Q&As...

Pre-Poll Alliance: 

'We will think about it once we complete the process of party formation. Our main motive is fight for people's issues. Actually, Jana Sena was floated because none of the existing party have reflected the mood of the people. Instead, They tried to get benefitted from the situation. Whether we come to power or not, Our Party will always be there for the People'.


'I don't depend much on the surveys as the results keep changing. It's nice if surveys show us as a political force but we won't take them too seriously'.

No Public Meetings in the past few months:

 'We received several requests from Student Unions not to hold such meetings during examinations period. We will think about it after April/May this year'.

5 States Assembly Polls Results: 

'They reflect the failure of most of the Ruling Parties. When it comes to Uttar Pradesh, SP Family Feud is a deciding factor. Even American expert Steve Jordon who worked with Akhilesh told Me that two groups within SP will affect its poll prospects'.

3 Years of Jana Sena! Are you content with the work done?: 

'We have done what we could so far! We have our limitations. I can't say we have done 100 percent but the spirit is intact. We need to build a wide network to focus on more issues. Right now, We are trying to gain strength!'.

When will you contest in 2019 Polls?:

 'As far as Andhra Pradesh is concerned, Anantapur is the most backward district. So, I wish to contest from Anantapur district'.

Any possibility of Chiru quitting Congress & working with You?:

 'We both don't have any such intentions. We are two independent people and we can't take the same path'.

Do you think career-oriented Youth will actively participate in political reforms of Jana Sena?: 

'A lot of them are keen to contribute. Don't underestimate the youth'.

Criticism that you speak on a issue for 2 days & forget it!: 

'I believe in constructive criticism. I can't do Political Bullying or Political Ragging'.

Will you be part of NDA in 2019?:

 'As of now, I am not part of NDA. It is too early to say how its going to be in future. In 2014, I supported NDA for Special Category Status. Being part of it even after they had gone back on the promise won't be appreciated by people'.   

Do you feel cheated by Modi or Naidu?:

 'I don't treat it as's not at a personal level but the accountability of a political party irrespective of whether its a national/regional party. When a promise was given to people, They should honour it. When they ignore the promise, Its the basic right of any individual to raise the voice'.

Money plays a crucial role in Elections! Do you think you can survive?:

 'At least, We should give it a try. I believe in walk-the-talk. Let's see what will happen once we walk in the path'.

Irom Sharmila's defeat:

 'She got just 90 votes. I feel people should have supported her more'.

Aqua Food Park issue:

 'AP Government and Factory Management say there won't be any pollution. In case if there is pollution, I knew how to take to issue forward'.

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