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Nagaram Movie Review

Movie: Nagaram

Cast: Sandeep Kishan, Regina, Sri, Madhu and Others

DOP :  Selva Kumar

Music:  Javed Riyaz

Producers: Aswani kumar Sahadev

Story & Directon: Lokesh Kanakaraj

Rating: 2.75/5

Story - Screenply:

The narrative of the film depends on four parallel stories and how everybody including Sundeep Kishan, a neglectful youth, and Regina Cassandra get immersed in a hijack dramatization including a savage goon's child. Rest of the story is with reference to how these stories unfurl over the span of time and what happens to each of them at last.

'Nagaram'rn is around couple of occurrences event in the life of couple of people in a span of 48 Hours. director Lokesh Kanakaraj has picked a 'Mixed up Identity' idea for his lady flick. Four Stories have been described parallelly and every one of the characters achieve a similar spot amid the climax, which is something on the lines of 'Vedam'. 

This idea based flick passes on the message - 'On the off chance that You Help Others, Someone Else Might Help You In The Need Of The Hour'. "Nagaram" offers thrills and entertainment in bits and parts. To begin with Sequence itself gives a impression that "Nagaram" isn't a customary business film. The film tests the tolerance of the group of onlookers in the First Half however keeps them engaged in the last half. 

Chief sets aside more opportunity to establish the characters. To start with Half of the film ought to have been more crisp.The eagerness among Audience gets vanished after they understand every scene appeared in the First Half has an association with the story. Notably, Telugu Audience mayn't acknowledge to a significant part of the Tamil Flavour.

Pre-Interval Sequence and Interval Bang lay a flawless platform for good Second Half. Surprising Turns in all the four stories & the way every one of the strings were connected in the Climax is noteworthy. Screenplay is great yet not as holding as it ought to have been. Pre-Climax remained as a noteworthy highlight and even the Climax has been executed pleasantly. By and large, "Nagaram" is entirely for A Centers and Multiplex Audience who cherish watching dull thrillers.


* Screenply

* Lead Cast Performances

* Pre-Climax


* Tamil Flavour

* Editing

* First Half

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