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Katamarayudu movie review

Movie: Katamarayudu

Cast: Pawankalyan, Shruthihasan, Rao Ramesh,Nassar, Ali, Ajay, Kamal Kamaraju, Chaitnya, Tarun Arora, Pradeep Rawat and Others

Editing: Gowtham Raju

DOP :  Prasad Murella

Music:  Anup Rubens

Producer: Sharat Marar

Director: Kishore Kumar Pardhasani (Dolly)

Rating: 2.75/5

As far back as Pawan Kalyan reported to do the Telugu redo of Veeram, there has been an extraordinary buzz around the film. While at first S.J. Surya, of Kushi notoriety, had been focused in on to rudder the film, the actor and director exited refering to his other acting responsibilities. Pawan has at last restricted in executive Kishore Kumar Pardasani otherwise known as Dolly, with whom he had worked for Gopala Gopala.. After Gabbar Singh, Shruti Haasan has been restricted into sentiment Pawan in Katamarayudu. Immediately, how about we look at our interpretation of the film.

Story - Screenply:

Katamarayudu (Pawan Kalyan) is a straightforward man in a village who is a law unto himself, He utilizes brutality to settle disputes. He has four brothers whom he loves a lot (Ajay, Siva Balaji, Chaitanya Krishna andKamal Kamaraju.)Even after he goes into late 30s, Katamarayudu is single. He detests ladies and he is anxious about the possibility that that on the off chance that he gets hitched, the lady in his life may not treat his siblings well. He also insists his brothers to stay away from women as they may spoil their brotherly relationship.Meanwhile, all his brothers fall in love with friends of Avanthika (Shruti Haasan.) They decided to get his brother Katamarayudu fall for Avanthika (Shruti.) Avanthika and Katamarayudu finally fall for each other. But she gets to know about his violent practices. She breaks up with him. What forms rest is how Katamarayudu wins Avanthika. Avanthika and her family have a big problem. How Katamarayudu solves it is the crux of the story...

To begin with things in the first place, "Katamarayudu" is a film exclusively made to engage Fans and Masses utilizing the picture of Powerstar.Producers served what they needed and no reason to complain what-so-ever. But, That doesn't mean this formulaic flick have no negatives.It's a pucca commercial entertainer which don't offer anything new in terms of eitherrn Story or Screenplay.

'Katamarayudu' is the one-man show of Pawan Kalyan. He performers his fans to the fullest with this commercial potboiler. Without a doubt, This Get-up is one of the best in PK's Career. Pawan exceeded expectations in Comedy Blocks and Romantic Scenes with Shruti Haasan. He showed the feelings very well in the Climax also. Shruti Haasan does a significant part. All of her scenes with Pawan Kalyan are extremely engaging. She wins brownie points with her fabulousness remainder. 

Out of the four brothers, It's Ajay who rises as the Top Scorer. Siva Balaji, Krishna Chaitanya and rnKamal Kamaraju makes a fine showing with regards to. Ali stimulates the amusing bone after a long gap. Nasser is top notch. Tarun Arora and Pradeep Rawat are quite recently alright. Rao Ramesh attempted to somewhat extraordinary this time however it didn't exercise much. Pruthvi neglects to inspire.


* Pawan kalyan Performance

* First Half

* Cinematography


* Routine Story line

Lag at Portions

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