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16 Movie Review


Cast: Rehman, Prakash V Raghavan, Aswin, Delhi Ganesh and Others

DOP :  Sujeeth Saarang

BGM: Jakes Bizoy

Producer: Chadalavada Padmavathi

Story & Directon: Karhik Naren

Rating: 3.25/5

The Tamil film "Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru" otherwise known as "D-16" has been making a considerable lot of buzz. The film that released on December 29, in Tamil keeps on hitting the features still. The film won critical acclaim and in addition commercial success. "D-16" was named into Telugu as "16." The trailer of Telugu rendition raised the interest levels. The movie has finally hit the screens today let's find out....

Story - Screenply:

The film begins with a murder scene where a serial executioner enters a loft and slaughters a couple. The murder case is consequently given over to a sincere officer called Deepak(Rahman) who begins the investigation immediately. 

Things are not as straightforward as they search for Deepak in light of the fact that the case continues getting far excessively befuddling for him with each passing hour. An excessive number of wrongdoings are interweaved with each other making the plot and case notwithstanding exciting. Rest of the story is regarding how Deepak understands the secretive case.

"16" starts with the discourse – "Life can be unusual." So can this film! "16" is an impeccably made murder mystery that has splendid written work, grasping screenplay, awesome visuals and great exhibitions. It's an effectively thought out and well made film that keeps you snared from the begin to the end. 

The bearing in the film is second to none.Director Karthick Naren ,who is 22!, gives the visuals a chance to talk more than the characters in the film. His sensibilities as a movie producer merits unique specify. The specialized parts of the film makes it additionally charming. Visuals – for the most part dim and blustery – keep the film in place. Jakes Bejoy's mood melodies raises the scenes and leave a permanent stamp. 

While the film likewise tosses some related inquiries that seem to have unanswered, we are absent to them as we are held by the goings on. The film advises us that the demonstrations we consider brutal are conceived from the most fundamental human feelings. Basically, the film's slogan totals everything about it – ‘Every Detail Counts’. This is an absolute necessity watch.


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* Several Pertinent Questions Unanswered

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