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Movie: Yaman

CastVijaya Antony Vijay , Miya George, Thiagarajan, Sangili Murugan, G. Marimuthu, Charle, Prinz Nithik, Swaminathan and Others

Editing: Veera Senthil Raj

Music:  Vijay Antony

Producers:  Lyca Productions &  Fathima Antony

Director:  Jeeva Shankar

Rating: 3/5


Political Opponents slaughter Devarkonda Gandhi (Vijay Antony) who is a solid contender for MLA situate and gets chose from a similar voting public. Taking after which, The W/O of Gandhi submits suicide deserting newborn child Ashok Chakravarthy (Vijay Antony). The requirement for speedy cash strengths Ashok to serve imprison sentence for the mishap conferred by another person. This detainment changes the course of his life travel. He chooses to enter dynamic legislative issues to battle against two intense gatherings who are after him. The outcomes he confronted during the time spent accomplishing the objective structures whatever is left of the story.

In the first place things in the first place, "Yaman" is a Political Thriller. It demonstrates the steady ascent of a Common Man in Politics and how he scaled new statures defeating all the chances. The outlook and working style of Politicians have been displayed in a practical way. This Vijay Antony-starrer, be that as it may, neglected to be a grasping thriller because of torpid pace and absence of abundant exciting minutes. 

The best part about "Yaman" is the practical approach selected by the Makers. Not very many true to life freedoms have been taken. Story and Characters are the real attractions in this political show. Not even once the Director digresses from the fundamental plot. Every single character has a personality. 

Portrayal of the Male Lead merits saying. The prison successions of Vijay Antony emerge. Serious execution and spectacular foundation score make this scene a highlight. The way three primary characters attempt to control each other have been depicted wonderfully. 

On the other side, Songs which impact the stream of the film and Slow Pace stay as significant downsides. Absences of exciting turns is a worry. Couple of undesirable scenes in Second Half tests the tolerance of the watcher. The Romantic Track seems like a pointless scene however it's not awful by any stretch of the imagination. It was just amid the Pre-Climax, The film gets back progressing nicely and creates great effect till the very end. Generally speaking, "Yaman" is for the individuals who appreciate sensible Political Dramas...




*Background Score



*Slow Pace

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