Monday, 2 January 2017

Pawan Kalyan shares a heartbreaking documentary

Pawan Kalyan shares a heartbreaking documentary

We have according earlier these days that Jana Sena party President Pawan Kalyan are visiting a village named Uddanam close to Ichchapuram, Srikakulam, tomorrow.

Just a short while agone, Pawan took to his Twitter profile and shared a documentary created by Jana Sena’s media wing on the plight of the excretory organ patients in Uddanam village.

This heartrending documentary glimpses the painful state of affairs in Uddanam and the way over 20,000 villagers over a amount of two decades lost their lives when stricken by mysterious excretory organ diseases as a result of gross neglect by governments.

In his Uddanam visit tomorrow, Pawan is predicted to increase his support to the villagers in their battle against destiny and urge the govt  to boost its relief measures.

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