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"Vangaveeti" Movie Review

Movie: Vangaveeti
Cast  : Sandeep Kumar, Vamsi Nakkanti, Vamsi Chaganti, Naina Ganguly Kautilya,Shritej and Others
Editing: Siddhartha Ratholu
Music: RaviShankar
Cinematography: Rahul Srivastava,Dileep Varma,Surya Chowdary
Producers: Dasari KiranKumar
Story, Screenplay Direction: Ram Gopal Vrama
Rating: 2.75/5

The much Awaited Telugu movie of Director Ram Gopal Varma Vangaveeti goes to hit sliver screens world wide in few hours. Director Ram Gopal Varama kept lot of expectancies on this film.

Story - Screenply

vangaveeti  story based on real incidents, movie content is about amidst  well-known rival groups of Vanagveeti and Devineni in Vijayawada. Vangaveeti Radha(Sandy) is a local  rowdy who turns into big in Vijayawada. As expected, his increase and recognition are hated by his rival institution of Devineni circle of relatives and that they assassinate him with an ideal plan. rest of the tale is all about how the contributors of each the families  end up assassinating each other.

'Vangaveeti' opens in an thrilling way with Venkataratnam episode and ends with Varma-mark homicide scene. Thereafter, target market get to look one murder after the other to make it tad uninteresting. RGV did not focus both on political affect or non-public matters of Vangaveeti & Devineni households. He hasn't even took a stand on whom a few of the  groups were proper or incorrect, however remained neutral. He tried not to the touch debatable elements but managed to deliver who conspired to kill Vangaveeti Ranga in a roundabout way. loss of gripping narration in those crucial scenes is a huge downside. 

Why does a Heroine want an introduction quantity & Marriage tune in a film like 'Vangaveeti'? handiest RGV by myself can answer this query! 'Maranam' tune which turned into used to establish the organization wars is good enough however rest of the songs are like speed-breakers. Varma failed to present the rise of Ranga as a leader very affectively. As a result, Radha's individual receives multiplied greater than that of Ranga regardless of shorter screen time. There isn't always even a single person as effective as that of Bukka Reddy in 'Raktha Charithra'. So, it is going to be every other minus factor.

RGV-mark Taking, digicam Angels and Picturization of Scenes is pretty superb. He did be triumphant to provide how Vijayawada was in the 80s to a degree. The manner Varma ended the film after the murder of Ranga with the aid of turning the digicam closer to Goddess Durga deserves a unique point out. usual, 'Vangaveeti' is not one of the first-rate films of RGV but certainly one of the higher film from him.


*The cinematography
*Sandeep kumar Performance
*Real Violence


*Few artists dubbing is pitiable
*Songs picturisation
* Lack of RGV mark Dailogues

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