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Pittagoda Movie Review

Movie: Pittagoda
Cast : Vishwadev Rachakonda, Punarnavi, Jabaradasth Raju, Srikanth and Others
Music:  'Pranam'  Kamalakar
Cinematography: Udhai
Producer: Ram Mohan P   &  Dinesh Kumar
Story & Direction: Anudeep KV
Rating: 2.75/5

Story - Screenply :

The movie is primarily based at the lives of 4  close friends who lives in the small city of Godavari Khani, Telangana. The  group is called as ‘Strikers Batch’ and headed by  Tippu  (Vishwa Rachakonda).  They revel in sitting on Pittagoda of their location taking no issues in their lives. they're not serious approximately their lives, determined to make some thing massive and plan to organize a cricket event in their place. Very soon Tippu comes inside the touch of Divya (Punarnavi Bhupalam) and falls in her love.   at the final second of Cricket event, he cancels the healthy without revealing the purpose for cancellation. It creates massive differences a number of the near buddies.   How all of the pals get reunited?  what will take place to the love tale of Tippu ? To get these answers, one should watch the movie on Theatres..

Ram Mohan is known for topics with simple memories, human emotions and sensible presentation. as a result, target audience connect to them very easily. Even 'Pittagoda' is no exceptional.Situational dailogues and  sensible Scenes are the strengths of 'Pittagoda'. but, robust content that is required to keep the audience glued to the monitors is lacking. mainly, loss of emotional highs is a first-rate drawback. Even the love story of lead pair did not generate enough feel. target audience were not capable of involve within the concern due to loss of any strong element.The introducing of Hero  and his friends are pleasing. Even the take off of Hero-Heroine love track is right. The change  in Hero's friends after the cancellation of Cricket Tourney is unconvincing. Even the flashback of Heroine may be very normal. Climax is in a cinematic way.


*Vishwa and Punarnvi  Performance


*Thin Storyline
*Predictble Screenply


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