Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Nagarjuna says Shiva2 depends upon RGV

It have been a long span of time since the movie Shiva released,  So many directors are coming up with the script SHIVA 2 . But Nagarjuna gently replied that I am ready to Act for SHIVA 2 but it should be directed by RGV otherwise i wouldnt' even dare to the touch it", stated Nagarjuna Akkineni, clearing all the air about the sequel.

The name of movie 'SHiVA' was spelt by most of directors and actors in tollywood history it have been 2 decades since the movie was released. That Movie has changed My position as well as  RGV in Tollywood , however for complete of Telugu and Indian movie industries as well. simplest recently Baahubali made such an impact. I din't gave any spoil to Ramu neither he gave to me. it's all supply and take" he delivered. With Nagarjuna clarifying that he's going to act in Siva sequel best beneath Ramu's route, possibly different writers and directors ought to take a backseat on the sequel now.

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