Friday, 9 December 2016

"Dhruva" Movie Review

Movie: Dhruva
Cast  : Ram Charan, Aravind Swamy, Rakul Preet Singh, Nasser, Posani, Navadeep and others
Music: Hip Hop Tamizha
Cinematography: P S Vinod
Story: mohana raja
Art: Rajeevan
Editing: Nawin Nooli
Producers: Allu Aravind and N V Prasad
Direction: Surender Reddy
Rating: 3.25/5

Dhruva is a very important film in Ram Charan’s career. which is an official remake of Tamil megahit "Thani Oruvan".Dhruva movie created a lot of hum both within and outside kolywood at the time of release. as the movie is not your regular mass, masala movie. However, Charan closed by his decision and insisted he wanted to try something new.good, when the movie trailer was out, it did aura like he tried to do something different. the movie  has finally hit thetheatres today. 
                Let's find out.......


Dhruva(Ram Charan) is a sincere IPS officer who wants to eliminate crime in the metropolis of Hyderabad. rather than catching the small time thieves, he comes to a decision to hint out that one guy who's in the back of all these crimes. He hunts down various large wigs and via them unearths out that a person called Siddharth Abhimanyu(Aravind Swamy) is at the back of all the corporate crimes.Rest of the tale is as to how Dhruva makes some smart plans and nabs the effective Siddharth down and ends the crime within the city.


*Ram Charan’s makeover
*Aravind Swamy screeen presence
*Background score
*Rich productions values


*Initial scenes
*Uneven pace

Bottom line - A Stylish Action Thriller

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